Other Great News

Our friend Kenny, the one who rents us the little studio where we live, gave us a very generous Christmas gift in the form of a $300 giftcard to the Ritz Carlton Spa in Orlando. (This is linked to the JW Marriott resort where we did our second Navigator's Council in September, if you recall from this blog post here.)

We're stoked!

We decided to use it this weekend, so today we are going in for massages at 1pm. Kirk is getting the 50-minute hand and foot massage; I'm getting their 50-minute full body signature one. After that, we get to use the spa facilities for the rest of the day. This means pool. This means jacuzzi. This means gym. This means yummy natural foods cafe. Woohoo! :)

Then next weekend we're flying up to Maryland for a William Wilberforce weekend conference, hosted through the Trinity Forum. I'll explain more about William Wilberforce in an upcoming post, but suffice it to say that he has been a longtime spiritual hero to Kirk for many years. Kirk is even a graduate of the Wilberfoce Centurion program put on by Chuck Colson in Washington, DC! This conference next weekend is a precursor to the release of the Amazing Grace movie, which maybe you have heard about that releases in late February by Walden Media, a Christian-based film production company who also produced Narnia and Charlotte's Web. I'll be posting a review of the film in the next couple days so you can get the word out early within your own spheres of influence.

So this weekend and the next should be filled with quite a bit of goodness: one for the body, and the other for the soul. Looking forward to it.