here we go

well, today's the day of the big presentation. (remember when kirkum rocked the room with his?) it's safe to say i'm feeling nervous. i have given whole fistfuls of presentations over the course of this past year, but it is quite a different experience to prepare for an audience of your peers than to prepare for an audience of all faculty. thankfully, kirk will be there to cheer me on.

besides the regular nerves, there's also a lot to cover in the strict 20 minutes they give you, and if you do not finish in that timeframe, they cut you off. i practiced several times last night but am still quite a ways from perfecting it. and since i have yet to nail down each slide, i don't have a good sense of whether all my information fits within the time limit.

thankfully, i still have several hours to practice this morning. i go live at 2pm.

ps: internet, meet storychange. this is the baby i left full-time work to birth into the world. while i still do not know if it will ever see the light of day, it has been quite a journey to watch it grow, move, and change over this past year. just creating the plan for its eventual arrival into the world has been a birth in and of itself, and that is one accomplishment i will now carry with me with great pride.