My Heart, On Screen and Up Ahead

So I logged on to the Spring Arbor portal today to purchase books for my first class term, which starts in a week a half. (Yeah, can you believe it?!) Once I selected my program, the term dates, and the appropriate course, up popped a screen listing the above six books.

Um, hello. I already own five of these books.

Beyond my amazement at having to spend a grand total of just $7.55 on books for my first class, there was this confirming sense of truly being headed in the right direction. How else could it feel to see several key books in my life staring back at me from the screen that lists books for the foundational, introductory course of this new program? I can't wait to discover what's ahead, not just as I delve deeper into the profound material of these texts with my new classmates, but over the course of the next three years of my life.

Breathe deep, Christianne. Breathe deep. Here you step into the pool of your heart's deepest longings. Fully embrace. Fully love.