Video Challenge Day 2: The Yellow Butterfly


Hi there!

I haven't been feeling too up to snuff today, so I didn't plan anything extraordinary for today's video installment (and you'll see that my hair is quite a bit scruffy from my long afternoon nap!). But I did want to share a story with you today that has been inspiring me on a daily basis, and I'd love to hear your perspective on it.

In the video, I mention my pastor and his family and the blog that Ava Hunter's dad, Josh, was keeping on a daily basis in the aftermath of her diagnosis. Josh is still maintaining that blog, and you can access it here.

Also, I mention a post he wrote that invited people to share stories of how Ava's life had changed their lives, and you can read those inspiring stories (over 300 of them!) here. The story of the yellow butterfly that I talk about in the video is also found inside those comments.

It totally amazes me how one little girl with incredible spunk and determination and sweetness and love had the ability to affect thousands of people in the course of her short life. Do you want to see a picture of this beautiful little one? You can see a photo that will melt your heart here.