Join us in a land of welcome. 

Still Forming is a virtual land populated by people seeking to authentically encounter more of God, self, and others.

It's a territory characterized by welcome. It's full of courage and steeped in kindness. Those who live here invite honesty and prize reflection. You'll find openness and tenderness here.

Would you like to take a visit?

You may belong here if:

  • You’ve hit a wall spiritually in your life and you’re unsure where to go or what to do.
  • You're seeking a safe and caring refuge to explore your spiritual thoughts and feelings with those you can trust.
  • You desire more peace and stillness in the midst of a noisy, chaotic, and demanding world.
  • You want to better listen to your life — especially your life in God.
  • You want to connect with others experiencing a similar season in their spiritual life.
  • You long for a place to talk about the deep things of God. 

Why this? 

My name is Christianne Squires, and I'm a trained spiritual director and spiritual formation practitioner. 

This land is born out of my personal experience.

Just over 15 years ago, I became aware of a deep hunger to explore and reflect on my spiritual life — to ask hard questions and examine assumptions and go deeper into what's true and real about myself and God the world around me — but I found very little in the way of guidance or safe spaces to do so. I fumbled forward on my own, mainly reading books and sharing conversations with the few soul friends I happened to find along the way.

Looking back now, it would have been valuable to have a dedicated place to process the journey and a community of people who could hold my story and share in it, just as I shared in theirs.

That's what Still Forming has become — a land full of people who care about such deep encounter with God, self, and others.

Start here.

We meet virtually two times per week.

On Sundays, we connect through A Cup of Sunday Quiet, a weekly email "drink" to nurture your spiritual life. Consider it our land's version of church.

Each letter ends with words offered by your fellow compatriots in response to the previous week's letter, allowing you to hear the voices of other pilgrims living here. (You're always invited to contribute your voice, too!)


Then on Wednesdays, we re-center through The Midweek Wall, a letter written by my husband, Kirk, that offers another perspective on the theme from Sunday's letter. Through the voice of yet another pilgrim in the community, you're given a glimpse into further ways you might respond to God's invitations in your life.


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You're welcome here. Will you join us? We hope so.

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