Join Us on a Journey Through Lent . . . 

Dear Still Forming Community,

We hope you’re well. We have missed you these many weeks! 

Thank you for your gracious support and recent encouragement. Your prayers have been strong and influential as we have sought God's wisdom and guidance for the Still Forming community this year. God's been faithful to deliver, and we’ve never been clearer — or more excited — about Still Forming and the purpose for its existence.

Thus, a long-awaited update for you:

  • In 2016, Still Forming will focus on God’s “invitational” nature — specifically, how God works in our lives through the power of personal invitation.

  • Why a year on invitation? At the heart of Still Forming, we believe God is constantly and compassionately inviting us to participate in our own becoming as we more fully form into our truer selves.
  • We are creating a place and process for you to explore, discern, and honor God’s personal invitations in your life and to journey with others who are doing the same.

  • Acting upon the belief that God works through the power of rhythm, we are developing a quarterly, monthly, and weekly process around shared learning, personal reflection, and special online gatherings.


  • While we create this place and process, we invite you to join us on this Ash Wednesday (February 10) for a six-week preparatory journey through Lent. (More on this below.)


To Prepare . . . Travel With Us Through Lent

The new quarterly, monthly, and weekly rhythm of journeying with this theme of invitation formally begins in April 2016, but we're starting with a seed of the experience in this Lenten season — which begins on February 10 and runs through March 27.

To join us, head to the Still Forming private group page and request an invite to join. We're glad to welcome you!

Excited to be with you again,
Christianne + Kirk