Community Projects

Between November 2015–2016, the community at Still Forming undertook a number of formation projects together. You'll find each of them listed below, in chronological order from the beginning. May they be a blessing to you and your own formation.

Advent Meditations 2015

In Advent 2015, I created a collection of audio meditations based on the Advent blessings in Jan Richardson's recently published book Circle of Grace and offered them to the community for the deepening of their Advent experience.

You can access all of the 2015 Advent audio meditations here.

The Traveler's Pack

In Lent 2016, our community traveled through a resource I created called the Traveler's Pack. It walks you through a process of noticing and responding to personal invitations from God in your life. Kirk and I provided audio conversations for journeying through each of the five phases of the resource. 

Access the PDF of the Traveler's Pack, plus the accompanying audio conversations, here. 


In the spring and early summer of 2016, our community walked through a series called Still Forming Foundations — a 10-part exploration of essential pieces of the spiritual journey. This series helped our community establish a common language and grounding for continuing to move forward in ongoing growth together. 

Access the series content here.

Meditation for When the World Is Falling Apart

This meditation was offered to the Still Forming community in the aftermath of a week that included the deaths of Alton Sterling, Philando Castile, and five Dallas police officers. 

These events followed weeks of headlines that included Brexit, a bombing in Baghdad that killed more than 200 people, an attack at the Istanbul airport, and the Orlando Pulse shooting that killed 49 people in the LGBTQ community.

Those events came on top of the already difficult realities in our world that include the terror of ISIS, the Syrian refugee crisis, ongoing mass shootings, and racial pain. 

No matter at what point in time you listen to this meditation, I pray it allows you to hold the world with compassion and that, through it, you find solace for your soul.

The Practice

A Series for Attending to Your Life in God

Beginning in September 2016, our community undertook a series of spiritual practices that invite us to notice and attend to God, self, and others.

  • September :: examen of consciousness

  • October :: welcoming prayer

  • November :: gracious dialogue

This series immediately preceded my discernment of sabbatical, so it did not finish wholly complete. However, you may access the series archive here.