FOUNDATION 10: YOU have gifts only you can offer.

Each of us brings unique and needed gifts to the world. Let's learn the part we play in God's unfolding story.



  • Intro (0:00–2:35)
    • Review of series leading to this point (0:49–1:37)
    • Connection to this week's foundation (1:38–2:08)
    • Overview of this week's ideas (2:09–2:35)
  • God's heart for the world is to expand and gather (2:36–6:07)
    • Example of Adam and Eve (2:59–3:33)
    • Example of Israel (3:34–4:16)
    • Example of Christ (4:17–4:53)
    • Example of the early church (4:54–5:29)
    • Example of the New Jerusalem (5:30–5:42)
  • Your transformation will produce within you a desire to invite others in (6:08–12:53)
    • Our series has focused on your personal transformation, which is important (6:33–7:39)
    • Your transformed heart will begin to bubble over naturally (7:40–8:28)
    • Biblical examples (8:29–9:23)
    • How this plays out in society (9:24–10:18)
    • My story of transformation that led to a heart for others to receive the same (10:19–12:14)
    • Encouragement for you and your personal journey (12:15–12:53)
  • There are several levels by which you offer your gifts (12:54–18:58)
    • Your very self is a gift (12:54–14:09)
    • You have innate gifts and talents (14:10–16:58)
    • God has invested in you (16:59–18:58)
  • Closing (18:59–19:43)

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This week's download: 

This week's reflection questions: 

  1. How have you seen God's heart to expand and gather in your own context?
  2. What sorts of things have you found yourself sharing with others, simply because you were moved or excited by it?
  3. What gifts, talents, or investments have been made in you that could be gifts to others? 

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