In this foundation, we cover the concept of the true self, which is closely aligned with the concept of the false self (the subject of next week's session). Here is the good news: Your true self feels like joy!


  • Intro (0:00–3:35)
    • Opening words about Foundation 3 (0:00–0:38)
    • Review of Foundation 2 (0:39–1:22)
    • These ideas are deep! This series is a survey (1:23–3:00)
    • Overview of this week's ideas (3:01–3:35)
  • Idea #1: You are a unique word of God (3:36–7:32)
    • Additional resource: Shaped by the Word by Robert Mulholland (3:36–3:53)
    • Biblical grounding: Ephesians 1:4 (3:54–4:35)
    • Hearkening back to the Creation act (4:36–6:14)
    • Our word is being shaped (6:15–6:53)
    • Our word is something we uncover (6:54–7:32)
  • Idea #2: Your true self is an immortal diamond (7:33–11:41)
    • Additional resource: Immortal Diamond by Richard Rohr (7:33–7:57)
    • What "immortal" means (7:58–10:18)
    • What "diamond" signifies (10:19–11:09)
    • We don't discover our true self on our own (11:10–11:41)
  • Idea #3: You worship God through the becoming of your true self (11:42–14:48)
    • Additional resource: New Seeds of Contemplation by Thomas Merton (11:42–11:57)
    • How the created, natural world glorifies God (11:58–12:52)
    • How human nature differs (12:53–13:34)
    • The true self is a gift and a relief (13:35–14:48)
  • Closing (14:49–15:14)

This week's download: 

This week's reflection questions: 

  1. How does it feel to consider yourself a "word" of God?
  2. What glimpses has God given you of yourself as an immortal diamond?
  3. How have you experienced the "relief" of being your true self? 

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