FOUNDATION 5: YOU are meant to relate to God as you are.

What could it be like for you to find your own personality as a starting point for relating to God?


  • Intro (0:00–4:56)
    • Review of the past week (0:00–1:27)
    • Reflections from the Facebook group (1:28–4:06)
    • Overview of where we're going with this fifth foundation (4:07–4:56)
  • The true and false self exist along a spectrum. (4:57–8:34)
    • Imagined self (6:22–6:53)
    • Coping self (6:54–7:53)
    • Right-now self (7:54–8:34)
    • Intentionally forming self (9:54–10:23)
  • Your relationship with God starts from where you are right now. (8:35–10:39)
  • God communicates with you in your style of being. (10:58–16:18)
  • You are invited to connect with God in your natural way of being. (16:19–20:32)

This week's download: 

This week's reflection questions: 

  1. Where on the spectrum do you find yourself when it comes to the imagined self, the coping self, and the intentionally forming self?
  2. How have you experienced God communicating with you in your style of being?
  3. Which of your spiritual practices best align with who you are? 

As always . . . you're invited to join us in the private Facebook group for conversation around these ideas and the sharing of your experience!