FOUNDATION 6: YOU are meant to Increasingly Image God.

Increasingly — what does that mean? Image — what's that? God — in what way? Let's explore all three!


  • Intro (0:00–7:35)
    • Introducing this week's special guest — Kirk! (0:15–0:56)
    • Catching up with Kirk and learning what he's been up to (0:57–2:58)
    • Review of last week (2:59–3:39)
    • Kirk provides a helpful breakdown of the series (3:40–7:35)
  • Talking about increasingly (7:36–10:12)
    • This happens over time and is a process (7:36–8:39)
    • Comparison to a child's development (8:40–9:30)
    • It's not all up to us (9:31–10:12)
  • Talking about image (10:13–14:01)
    • This is not about behavior modification (10:13–10:41)
    • The difference between Jesus and Christ (10:42–12:30)
    • This is about the image of God expressed through who we are (12:31–14:01)
  • Talking about God (14:02–19:16)
    • Scriptural underpinnings (14:02–14:50)
    • We, in our true selves, are words spoken forth in accordance with God's nature (14:51–15:38)
    • Metaphor of caterpillar and butterfly (15:39–17:58)
    • Comparison to parenting children (17:59–19:16)
    • The animal kingdom compared to the human species (19:17–22:46)
      • Family of barred owls (19:17–20:56)
      • Family of peacocks (20:57–22:21)
  • Closing (22:47–23:11)

Recommended resources: 

This week's download: 

This week's reflection questions: 

  1. How have you seen yourself grow spiritually over time?
  2. How has that growth reflected different aspects of God's nature in you?
  3. What are some of the ways you would articulate your true self as expressions of God's essential nature? 

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