FOUNDATION 7: YOU receive ongoing invitations to be transformed by God.

The spiritual life is marked by invitation. How do you experience God's invitations in your life? 



  • Intro (0:00–7:21)
    • Review of last week's foundation (0:26–1:21)
    • Community responses to prayer exercise in the Facebook group (1:22–6:50)
    • Thank you for continuing to participate in our community survey (6:51–7:15)
  • Brief overview of Foundation 7 (7:22–8:08)
  • Let's talk about invitations in general (8:09–14:20)
    • Backstory of invitational language here at Still Forming (8:16–10:48)
    • Invitations are showing up in our lives all the time (10:49–12:18)
    • Significant life events are also invitations (12:19–13:26)
    • Invitations imply a response and freedom of choice (13:27–14:20)
  • God has an invitational nature (14:21–20:25)
    • Looking at the breadth of Scripture through this lens (14:21–15:08)
    • How we might read biblical stories through this lens (15:09–16:07)
    • Examples of biblical stories where invitations show up (16:08–20:25)
  • We experience seasons of invitation in our lives of formation (20:26–23:45)
    • The language of invitation will continue to be a part of Still Forming (20:26–20:43)
    • Comparison to the church year (20:44–21:57)
    • Intense seasons vs. "ordinary" seasons of formation (21:58–23:45)
  • Closing (23:46–24:22)

Recommended resources: 

This week's download: 

This week's reflection questions: 

  1. Reflect on the different invitations you have received in your life (to events, to join groups, to socialize, to take a new job, etc.). What have those been like for you?
  2. What is it like for you to view biblical stories through this lens of invitation?
  3. How would you describe the season of invitation you're in right now? 

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