In this first audio conversation, we share why this is an important series for us to explore as individuals and as a community, and we briefly unpack each of the 10 foundational principles this series will cover.


  • Intro (0:00–0:42)
  • The crux of the series (0:43–1:12)
  • How this series is meant to be helpful to you (1:13–3:00) 
  • A brief overview of the 10 foundational principles (3:01–13:16)
    1. You have a spirituality (3:23–3:59).
    2. You have a formation (4:00–4:44).
    3. You have a true self (4:45–5:57).
    4. You have a false self (4:45–5:57).
    5. You are meant to relate to God as you are (5:58–7:40).
    6. You are meant to increasingly image God (7:41–8:22).
    7. You receive ongoing invitations to be transformed by God (8:23–10:09).
    8. You are meant to participate in the invitations God offers you (8:23–10:09).
    9. You are meant for spiritual companionship (10:10–11:15).
    10. You have gifts only you can bring (11:16–12:58).
  • Our hope for the community through this series (13:17–13:46)
  • How the series will work (13:47–14:26)
  • An update for you: How our two roles in the community are shifting a bit (14:27–16:15)
  • Goodies for you! (16:16–17:12)
  • Closing (17:13–17:42)

This week's reflection questions: 

  1. Which of the 10 foundational principles resonates most for you, and why? 
  2. Which resonates least?

As always . . . come share your thoughts with us in the private Facebook group.