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Let’s get to know Jesus together, shall we?

Have you ever been curious about Jesus — wondered what the big deal was all about? 

Have you noticed yourself increasingly drawn toward Jesus — wanting to learn more?

Has Jesus touched your life in some deep way — and you simply want to spend more time with him?


This course may be exactly what you need. 


A “gospel immersion” course

I'd like to invite you into what I call an immersive experience of looking at Jesus and getting to know him better. 

You’re invited into the pages of all four gospel accounts in the Bible — Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John — as though reading a story, getting caught up in the narrative flow and all the cast of characters, including the one in the starring role: Jesus.

Through this approach, the intent is for Jesus to come alive to you and for that experience of his aliveness to be a jumping-off point for conversation and transformation.

The course is offered with a desire for you to engage your perceptions of Jesus, explore your questions about Jesus, and get to know the person of Jesus as he has made himself available to be known by you. 


This course became such a valuable and personal part of my journey towards Jesus. It gave me enough structure to keep me moving forward, but always the opportunity to stop, to think and question how I can become a part of this story with Jesus. Christianne was always an interested and wise companion on this journey, sharing her own truth and experiences in such a helpful way. The opportunity to do this course on my own with her was truly a gift.
— Emily B.


Here's the kind of space you receive ...

I was telling a friend of mine about this course the other night, explaining how much I enjoyed it because it wasn’t about you trying to convince me of anything. It was you providing me with an opportunity to learn about something, discuss it, come to my own conclusions about it, etc. All of the personal stories you shared were also incredibly insightful and helpful.
— Christine M.


Okay, so how does it work?

This course includes 6 separate modules (purchased separately) that you complete at your own pace (1 month each), capped off with a 1-hour Skype video call with me at the end of each one. 

Each module includes:

  • Access to a private course classroom
  • Between 8-10 incremental "lessons" that invite your deepening notice of Jesus
  • A mixture of videos, audio clips, photography, and written content to stimulate reflection
  • Unlimited space for you to respond to each lesson, all of which are used to formulate the foundation of the video call we share at the end of the module
  • A one-on-one video Skype call with me (1 hour) to process what you learned, noticed, experienced, and discovered through the module
  • A compilation of your responses to each lesson in the module, presented back to you in PDF format
I think the best part of the course for me was that it drew me to set aside time to be with Jesus in the middle of a crazy time of life. I also liked the open-endedness and the lack of pressure in the course. I felt like it could have been a lot more rigid and that wouldn’t have been good for me. As it was, I liked being able to structure my reading as I needed and being able to interact to the level I could at the time.
— Sarah W.

Module 1: Foundations & Getting Started

This first module of the course lays the foundation for all the rest. Here, we enter into the life experiences that helped fashion your existing perceptions of Jesus and establish your starting point in the course. 

Module 2: Gospel of Matthew

In this first of our gospel-specific modules, we get to know Jesus as teacher. What does he teach? What is he inviting people to receive and experience? And what do we think of all that?

Module 3: Gospel of Mark

Mark, compared to Matthew, is more concerned with Jesus as an actor — meaning, one who acts and does things. Let's watch him move around, from here to there. What does Jesus do? How do people respond? How do we respond?

Module 4: Gospel of Luke

Luke shows us the compassionate face of God by showing us Jesus as the one who came to save the whole world. How might that include us? What do we make of the way people respond to his inclusion of them?  

Module 5: Gospel of John

John takes us completely outside the box. Here, Jesus is shown as divine. What do we think of all the metaphors and titles applied to him? What can they teach us about who Jesus is? How is John showing us a different side of Jesus than the others did? 

Module 6: Encountering Jesus

Now that you've read through all four gospels and looked at the person of Jesus, how are you responding to him? How have your perceptions changed since the course began? What might the invitation be as you move forward?

When I went through the Look at Jesus course, my life was finally starting to settle down a little after some fairly major changes and upheavals. Though I had walked with Jesus most of my life, I felt as though I was in some fairly desolate terrain where our relationship was concerned. It was in the context of the Look at Jesus course, under Christianne’s considerate and compassionate leadership, that I encountered Jesus again as he is revealed in the gospels, tenderly inviting me like a child to climb upon his lap and bury my head in his chest. Suddenly, there He was: real and warm and wrapping His arms around me, the home for which I had longed.
— Kirsten P.

Would you like to look at Jesus? 

I can imagine no greater privilege than the chance to look at Jesus with you and see what we see. I wonder what we will discover together about him along the way?

Questions? You can contact me here