Join us in a land of welcome. 

Still Forming is a virtual land populated by people seeking to authentically encounter more of God, self, and others.

It's a territory characterized by welcome. It's full of courage and steeped in kindness. Those who live here invite honesty and prize reflection. You'll find openness and tenderness here.

Would you like to take a visit?

You may belong here if:

  • You need a place to explore the invitations of God in your life. 
  • You long for a safe and caring refuge to explore your spiritual thoughts and feelings with those you can trust.
  • You want to better listen to your life — especially your life in God.
  • You want to connect with others experiencing similar seasons in their spiritual life.
  • You desire more peace and stillness in the midst of a noisy, chaotic, and demanding world.

Join us . . . 

Here at Still Forming, we are developing a virtual land for pilgrims who want to travel together as they seek to know and be known by God, self, and others. As of April 2016, we're walking together through the foundations of the spiritual life so as to inform how we travel together as a community. Sign up here to join us on the journey: 

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