Pages and Pages and Pages

Whew! I just finished a research paper for my negotiation and deal-making class that marks the final paper in a long string of papers this month. We wrote five memos based on face-to-face negotiations conducted in class, this research paper, and an additional paper that analyzed the negotiation techniques utilized by a real-life negotiator that we interviewed. In just three and a half weeks, I churned out close to 60 pages total in work for this class!

It feels good, though, to have endured the discipline of so many written assignments . . . though I confess that I'm longing for the refreshment that more soulish writing brings. (And on that score I'm pleased to share that I've moved into "active mode" on my book project, which is a huge triumph for the month, and perhaps even the whole year!)

I have more thoughts I'd love to share, but right now this tired girl is heading to bed . . . !