One Year Ago This Weekend

Want to know what Kirk and I were doing one year ago this weekend? For one, we were celebrating our first anniversary as a dating couple. As far as the rest goes, I'll let the pictures do the talking . . .

On Friday evening, we were having dinner at Manuels on the 28th, which is -- you guessed it -- a restaurant on the 28th floor of a highrise building. The Bank of America building in downtown Orlando, to be exact.

Kirk reserved a table that overlooks Winter Park, the setting for so many of our visits over the preceding year, and also where he's lived for most of his life.

Can you say, "About to be engaged?" I knew the proposal would likely happen that weekend, but I didn't know it would happen that evening over dessert!

What's this? What's this? It's proof -- that's what! Taken on the beautiful Chain of Lakes Boat Tour, which is one of our favorite things to do on a gorgeous day in Florida.

Before heading over to the downtown Winter Park art festival, we went snooping around the property of an old abandoned home on one of the lakes. Very dangerous trespassing!

And finally, on Sunday, we went to hear the Kiev Symphony Orchestra play at the Bob Carr Center in downtown Orlando. Here I am, in the hotel ahead of time, all dressed up and ready to go!


In all, it was quite a weekend, full of wonderful surprises. And this weekend, Kirk has planned a surprise. Yesterday, he sent me a cryptic text message that said, "Be ready tomorrow by noon." When I called to ask what the message was all about, all he said was that we're taking an overnight trip. And when I came home and asked for more information, all he said was, "You'll need to bring something nice for dinner, but also pack your bathing suit."

Curioser and curioser! I guess you and I will have to stay tuned to see what happens!