Weekend in Paradise

Alas, I didn't take near enough photos of this trip. I spent more time enjoying it than documenting it! But I did learn that the six of us enjoyed each other's company with lots of laughs.

We learned quick who the best storytellers were (Kirk and Tom). We also learned that car rental reservations mean nothing to island workers when there's a big celebration going on. We got stuck with the last available car on the entire island for our party of 6: a Ford Liberty SUV . . . that seats 5. As you can imagine, it made for interesting seating arrangements, especially for a location with scores of hairpin turns and steep hills!

We experienced the shortest prayer ever, compliments of my husband, on the first night: "Lord," he prayed. "You know. Thanks!" This served to lighten things up considerably among the group, and it, of course, got loads of airtime in conversation throughout the weekend.

We got stuck in a pelting rainstorm on a boat, which we laughed about . . . later. And we happened upon an idea for an animated screenplay, which we titled Mongoose Love, inspired by two mongoose we saw . . . er, loving on each other. We figure Pixar will pick it up and we'll all make millions. :)

And now, for your viewing pleasure, some photographs. Sorry I couldn't supply more!

Us (of course)

Tom and Cindy

LaKeisha and Ivor

Sunset on first night

Sunrise on first morning . . . a storm approaches!

Private boat tour of the islands . . . and about to get BURNED!

British batholiths on Virgin Gorda

Lunch on a private island

STORM ON THE BOAT!! (not pictured)

Touring St. John (my personal favorite)