It Must Be Love

Kirk and I got iPod Shuffles today as early Valentine's Day presents. Aren't they just the cutest? Sigh. Even cuter is Kirk bopping around the house with his little white earplugs in his ears and his metallic silver Shuffle affixed to his dress shirt, thanks to the handy little clippy thing that's part of these little musical inventions. Cutie!

This little nubbin is just an inch and a half long, one inch tall, and about a quarter of an inch thick. Tiny! And so, so cute. I particularly think the green was an appropriate selection, as everything else in my life finds me in a season of green, including the linens and comforter on our bed, my computer case, my desktop screen, the interior lining of my computer bag, and even the sweater I'm wearing right now.

So, right now I'm happily listening to a shuffle of Leigh Nash,Melissa Myers,David Wilcox,Deb Talan,the Weepies, and the Once soundtrack. I hardly know what to do with myself and this fresh induction into the hall of technology!