Video Challenge Day 4: Of Moons and Names


Hello there!

Kirk and I discovered there is a harvest moon on the rise tonight, so this video shares a bit about a spontaneous adventure we took to enjoy a bit of that sight.

Also, isn't "Lilies Have Dreams" an unusual name? In this video, I share the story behind that name with you.

PS: I mention that I started this blog in May 2006, but when digging through the archives to find the post I mentioned in the video, I discovered it was actually April 2006. Details, details.

PPS: My apologies for the grainy texture of the video quality. I waited until after dark to record it, and at that point had only my lonely desk lamp for lighting!

PPPS: Diva makes yet another surprise cameo on tonight's video, although you never quite see her face emerge for the camera. Oops! When she and I say goodnight at the end of the clip, just imagine her cute face and big blue eyes peering back at you. :-)