A Bit of Housekeeping Detail

As I’ve had a bit of time over the holidays to think about the intentionality I plan to bring to this space in the upcoming year, I thought I would share with you some quick updates that have already been applied to the site on that front.

  1. I’ll begin by saying: It has been a lot of fun for me to begin the new series of sharing my journey into nonviolence and peacemaking with you so far! I’ve enjoyed sharing some of the early stories and journal snippets with you, and I’ve enjoyed framing questions for you to consider at the end of each post in order to involve you more directly in this process. Thank you so much for sharing your responses! Your stories continue to floor, humble, and inspire me.
  2. On that note, I’ve decided to give this nonviolence and peacemaking series an official name. It is now called the “Journey Toward Nonviolence” series. Each post in this series will be prefaced with this title (in front of its own unique title) in order to make these posts more easily distinguishable from other types of posts. 
  3. I’ve created a badge in the sidebar that leads to a designated page for this series. Once you reach the page, there’s a brief summary of my journey toward nonviolence and then a chronological listing of all the posts in the series. This will make it easy for anyone joining in late to follow along.
  4. A new “Currently Featured Posts” section has been added to the sidebar. Over the past couple months, I’ve noticed many new visitors to the site have gravitated toward certain types of posts. This new section of the sidebar should make it much easier for new visitors to find the kind of posts people seem to enjoy reading the most on this site.
  5. And finally … I’ve joined Twitter! This began as a 30-day experiment that I’ve decided to make permanent. You can read my tweets or choose to follow me by clicking here. 

    I’m looking forward to the year ahead with you! I anticipate that we will grow and learn much from each other in this space. Thanks for joining me for the journey.