He Completely Understands You

Guarded by angels.

There’s this meditation prayer that Kirk’s spiritual director uses whenever they meet for a session, and Kirk often opens our prayer times together at home with it. It goes like this: 

Be still and know that I am God.


Be still and know that I am.


Be still and know.


Be still.



Last night, before we prayed together over the week, Kirk began our time together with this prayer. And as I took in that very first line, Be still and know that I am God, I couldn’t help but settle into the relief of who God is. 

God completely understands everything about us.

There’s no need for debriefing or creating context because he has always been there. He has seen every moment and knows every thought and feeling. He knows the reasons certain things worry us or distract us or confuse us. He knows the certain things that excite us or put us over the moon. 

There’s such relief in that, isn’t there? 

What is it like for you to experience relationship with a God who completely understands and already knows?