What Would You Say to God?

Lately, we’ve been talking about prayer:

… how prayer can mean finding a few quiet moments to sit before God in simplicity and honesty.

… how our concept of God evolves and shifts and yet always connects to the ways we pray.

Today, I want to invite you to consider your side of the conversation in prayer. Specifically:

What would you say to God today?

Before you answer this question, I want to encourage you to listen — really listen — to what your heart’s voice has to say.

Did you know your heart has a voice? It does.

It is the part of your being that makes up who you really are. It lives at the very center of your being, and it speaks the truth of what you believe. It’s where your true identity and your core beliefs commingle and dwell together. It is what God sees when looking upon you, and it is where God wants to meet you in relationship.

The regular pace of life doesn’t create a hospitable environment for the heart to speak. Life keeps us busy, and distractions abound, and the sheer noise of the world becomes so utterly loud. 

The heart must be invited to speak in order to be heard. It requires that we take the time to listen. To care. To lean in and really hear.

So today, for a moment, come apart from the noise and distractions.

Take a moment. Still yourself.  

When you become very quiet and listen to the truest voice pulsing deep at the center of your being … what does it have to say? And can you speak those words directly to God?