Taking Time for Stillness

Yesterday I wrote about the corner in my home that is my sacred space and how it has sat lonely and unused for the last month. This morning was the second in a row that I sat in this corner again and allowed myself to slowly sink into stillness before God in my heart. 

I don’t know about you, but when I don’t take time for stillness, I get so lost.

It is as though I end up rambling aimlessly through a forest of dead trees, a wilderness without any path to be seen, just dead trees everywhere and their brittle branches strewn all over the ground. I slowly pick my way through the branches, attempting not to let the hard, sharp sticks jutting out from the broken branches dig their way into my skin. 

But when I allow myself to be still before God, somehow Jesus finds me. He finds me and places me back on the path. There, he holds my hand and looks into my eyes. He speaks to me, and he listens. We end up walking and talking together, holding hands. A calmness steals over me, and I do not fear losing my way. The path is so evident before us. He is with me. 

Can you relate to this experience? When you take time for stillness, does everything become clear, a path emerging before you as you take time to align yourself with your God?

And when you don’t, do you feel yourself picking carefully through a forest of dead trees and fallen branches and sharp and jutting sticks?

Today, I encourage you to take a moment of stillness in your day. If even for just a few short moments, step away from the demands of life and attempt to quiet your heart. Allow Jesus to find you in the dissembled wilderness of branches and sticks and bring you back to the clear path where he can walk and talk with you. 

What do you discover when you do this?