How We Are Like the Trees

Over the weekend, I stumbled on a video that made me think of you. 

It made me think of you for a couple reasons, actually. 

First, it offers a moment of stillness and rest. The pace of this video is slow and contemplative. The narrator’s voice is sweet and gentle. The images are lush and beautiful. The environment is hushed. That’s what this online space seeks to offer you with each daily post: a moment of stillness, gentleness, reflection, and quiet. 

The video’s message itself also speaks so well to the reason we gather in this space. We are always forming. Formation is forever and constant. We can learn much from our friends, these trees. 

Approximate run time: 2 minutes, 56 seconds

“It is not easy to grow so much for so long.”

This is so true, isn’t it? You are growing. You are always growing. There is always an opportunity for more and more reflection on that growth. It is not easy to grow so much for so long. 

Today, I invite you to be gentle with yourself in the midst of all that growth. 

Just notice what the video evoked in you. Could you relate to the trees? Did the music or a particular image speak? How did the video meet you in your present moment? How does it invite gentleness inside your soul?