How Is Your Life With God?

This website, when it first began, was going to be a place to talk generally about spiritual formation, based on the courses I was taking for my graduate studies. I had planned for there to be essays and resources about the spiritual life and what it means to form over time in our lives with God. It was also going to be a place for me to “form out loud” and share pieces of my own interior journey with God and myself with you.

But over time, my understanding of what this space is meant to be has grown.

Specifically, I’ve noticed that this is meant to be a space devoted to you.

Life can be so hectic.

Especially in this time in which we live, when there is no shortage of information coming toward us each moment and there is so much opportunity for connectivity and ongoing distraction. It can be so easy to get lost in the noise, to drown out the still moments and our sense of ourselves with activity without ever realizing what’s been lost in the process.

Consider this space an oasis from the noise. A place for stillness. For reflection. For a contemplative moment you share with yourself and with God each day.

Each morning of the week, as I spend time with God and hold you and this online space in my mind, I will write a post that grows out of that time with God and invites you into a contemplative moment. The posts each day may pose a question or invite you to make an observation about your life or interior journey.

They will always be written with the intention to invite you to slow down and notice what is true for you and your relationship with yourself, the world around you, and with God. 

I anticipate that the questions or opportunities for reflection may recycle from time to time, and I think that is okay. On any given day, depending on the circumstances of life in which we find ourselves, our answers to any given question may be different, right?

So each day, as you are invited into a still moment of reflection here, consider how it applies to you in the concrete place in which you find yourself in that moment in time.

The purpose is ongoing reflection … intentionality … stillness … at least for a few moments each day. 

This morning, then, as I spent time with God and asked him what question or thoughts might be most helpful for you today, your connection to God came to mind. 

How is your life with God in this moment?