You Are Loved and Held

Enamored with light.

Have you ever poured your heart out to someone and then had them simply hold you afterward?

Perhaps they gave you a hug and didn’t pull away — they simply hugged you for as long as you needed them to. Or perhaps they sat with you on the couch, their arm draped around your shoulder, as you rested your head on their chest. You didn’t speak, and they didn’t need you to. You simply sat there — held, loved, and cherished — for as long as you needed.

What is it like for you to receive love in those kind of moments? Do you rest easy inside that love? Do you start to pull away, feeling the need to keep time moving? Do you worry about taking too much or being a burden?

Today, God wants to love you in that way. 

You are invited to pour the contents of your heart out to God for as long as is needed. Say whatever you need to say. Don’t worry how it sounds. It doesn’t matter how long it takes. Just say what is there inside of you to say.

And then rest in the arms of God. Let God hold you in whatever position is most comforting and restful to you. 

Fall into the arms of God’s love in the moment that follows this unburdening of your heart. Receive God’s unending and uninterrupted attention, care, and time. There is no deadline on this moment. There is nowhere else God needs or wants to be. 

Just let yourself be held for as long as it takes to rest inside God’s love. What is that like for you today?