Prayer Can Be ... Nature

Be with God.

For some of us, prayer happens best when we’re outside. 

  • Taking a walk in the quiet outdoors
  • Hearing the back-and-forth call of birds
  • Feeling the wind or sunshine
  • Tromping through thick snow
  • Spotting a bald eagle
  • Glimpsing the sparkle of sun on lake waters
  • Wandering through thousand-year-old forests
  • Following a butterfly’s journey
  • Feeding a horse an apple
  • Laying on a blanket in the park, looking up at the sky
  • Finding a rainbow
  • Listening to the rhythmic pattern of pounding waves 

There are unending ways the natural world invites us toward God.

It teaches us God’s peace, as it continues on without worry of all that worries us. It teaches us God’s beauty, as the intricacies and creativity abound. It teaches us God’s care, as the ecosystems and cycles of life exist in perfect balance. And on and on and on.

The natural world becomes a doorway into the heart of God. 

How have you experienced nature as prayer?