A (Near) Month of Thanks: Let's Begin with Home

Light flows in.

I’ve noticed on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook this last week, since the calendar changed to November, a lot of people are taking this month as an occasion to give thanks for something new each day.

This got me thinking about the two occasions we talked about gratitude last week in the prayer series and how helpful I’ve experienced gratitude to be for engendering an overall feeling of health and well-being in life. 

This new series here will invite us to practice gratitude throughout the rest of this month. 

Each day, I’ll post a gratitude theme, and we’ll have a chance to reflect on what aspects of that theme we are thankful to experience in our lives. I’ve turned the comments back on for this series so we can collectively experience each person’s unique thanksgivings, should you desire to share.

So, for example, home.

  • I’m thankful my home is a place of peace. 
  • I’m thankful so many elements in our home carry stories.
  • I’m thankful Solomon and Diva have found their home with us.
  • I’m thankful our home is a simple but beautiful space.
  • I’m thankful people find rest and peace and welcome in our home.

What about home makes you thankful?