How Is He Leading You?

Where we're heading.

I love talking to people about their life with God. I can’t tell you how excited I get — literally, my heart starts pounding a little faster, I get a huge smile on my face, and sometimes I even get goosebumps — when talking with someone about their life with God and I start getting glimpses at what God is doing there. 

There’s really nothing like it in the rest of the world for me. 

This morning, I read a short passage in the psalms that highlighted a similar thought. The psalm said: 

You’re blessed when you stay on course,

   walking steadily on the road revealed by God.

You’re blessed when you follow his directions,

   doing your best to find him.

— Psalm 119:1-2

This is what our life with God is like. 

He reveals the road, the next steps, and we say yes. He has the plan in mind, and our part is to notice and respond. 

We’re blessed when we stay on his course, walking steadily on the road he reveals. We’re blessed when we follow his directions, doing our best to find him. 

What is God doing in your life right now? How is he leading you?