What Has He Revealed to You?

I love these colors, don't you?

Oh, I’ll guard with my life what you’ve revealed to me,

   guard it now, guard it ever.

— Psalm 119:44 

One of the best parts, for me, about talking with people about their life with God is learning how he is revealing himself to them right now

It could be an image that shows up and represents the current invitation of God in their life. It could be a passage of Scripture that keeps resounding over and over, inviting them deeper and deeper into what it speaks of their own life and heart. It could be a circumstance of life that teaches them a truth they can’t shake.

Together, we go deeper into those images and invitations and realizations. I get to witness what they have to teach each person. I get to be with a beautiful soul as they hit upon revelation, as they are pressed into wordlessness at the deeply personal invitation of God, at the intimate way he knows them. 

We savor. There is no hurry here.

Here, there is room for revelation to sink into the depths of one’s heart. Here, there is room for encounter with God and for response to be what it truly is. 

There really is nothing quite like it, for me.

It’s the most holy work I can imagine, and I am continually ecstatic, grateful, and humbled at the privilege of getting to do it over and over again.

That opportunity to notice where God is and to savor its truth and flavor is such a gift, I think, because it implants the learnings deep inside of us. 

Those revelations become true of our lives and journeys. They become road markers that tell us what is true of us. They become touchstones. They stay with us. 

It’s like what Psalm 119 says: we guard with our lives what he has revealed to us, guard it now, guard it ever.

What has God revealed to you? It it something you’re guarding with your life, now and ever? Why or why not?