What Would You Say to Him?


Last week we talked a lot about the posture of Jesus toward you, and at the end of the week, we talked about taking Jesus up on his offer to simply be with you. We said it was the beginning, and that it was prayer. 

Did you say yes to Jesus? 

If not, the offer still stands. It always stands. 

And the very next step is conversation. 

What would you say to Jesus right now? 

As I’ve shared with you already, my conversations with Jesus happen so often on the shores of the beach lately. Could you imagine walking with Jesus on the beach, too? What does the beach look like? What are the two of you doing? 

Or perhaps another place feels more natural to you — a living room, your kitchen table, perhaps your favorite chair. 

Where can you imagine meeting Jesus? Take a moment to be with him in that place. What would you like to say to him there?