How Does God Reveal Himself to You?


I’m back at home after a lovely, grace-filled week away at Captiva Island. There are so many gifts last week offered me, and I am still so thankful and amazed that it happened.

I’m also very thankful to be home. (I am such a homebody!)

Being home means re-commencing my morning routine at my desk. Being home means enjoying the rhythm and sounds and energy of our life inside this house. Being home means being in touch with the reality of normality. Being home means being back at the church we both have grown to love so much. 

And speaking of church, I got to wondering last night while enjoying the contemplative eucharist service we attend on Sunday evenings …

How does God reveal himself to you? 

He reveals himself to me in so many different ways. 

  • There are the pages of scripture, and especially the Gospel accounts that teach me about the Jesus I’ve grown to love so much. 
  • There is the love and acceptance and grace and truth given to me by those in my life who care about me. 
  • There is the way I learn about God through my girl kitty, Diva. 
  • There is the meditative experience of taking photographs, which I’ve begun to realize is a form of prayer for me. 
  • There is the sun dancing on water and the wind moving through trees. 
  • There is the beauty of sacred chant music and candles and written prayers, which we experience each week at the contemplative eucharist service. 
  • There are the words written by others that break open and speak to my heart when I discover them. 

And on and on and on. 

And yet I was thinking last night that the way God speaks and reveals himself to me is only a portion of the ways he can choose to reveal himself to all humanity. 

The way he reveals himself to me can be different than the way he reveals himself to you.

For instance, God reveals himself to Kirk through the sighting of bald eagles flying high in the sky. A friend recently told me that she’s discovered a connection to God while swimming the breaststroke in a recreational pool, alone with God under the water, swimming toward the cross marker at the other end of the pool. One of my closest friends recently shared that being a mom to her newborn girl is teaching her so much about the incarnation of Christ. 

I just love that God can reveal himself to each of us in so many different, unique ways.

So, what about you? How does God choose to reveal himself to you?