He Knows You

Curtains in shadow and light.

I don’t know about you, but I have gone through so many seasons of my life feeling lonely and unseen by the majority of people. Finding people in life who take the time to really see and know us is rare, isn’t it? (I, for one, am immensely grateful and hold on tight to those who do come along and offer such extraordinary friendship!)

That feeling of being known, being seen and understood, and being selflessly loved and cared for as we are is rare and an incredible gift. 

That is the kind of knowing Jesus offers you. 

A couple weeks ago, we explored the truth that Jesus wants to know you, and we talked about one way that kind of relational knowing can look with him. And in those cases, we talked from the place of what it can be like for us to choose to share ourselves with Jesus and open ourselves to the experience of being known by him in those places.

Today, I’d like to center on the aspect of Jesus that already does see and know you, without you having to do anything to bring that seeing and knowing about. 

Do you ever find yourself in those moments of loneliness, wanting someone — at least one person — to be with you where you are and take the time to see with you what is there? Do you find yourself longing for someone to completely understand, without your having to wonder if they really get it or having to hide parts of yourself that might not be acceptable or understood? 

That is the way Jesus knows you. 

He knows and understands all of you. He knows you in the inmost being. When you are feeling alone and wishing for someone to see and know you, Jesus is ready to know you in that way. 

What is it like for you to receive the idea of being known by Jesus in this way?