On Not Being Alone

Heart of shells.

Yesterday was a bit of a doozy for me. 

I struggled quite a bit through the day and into the evening with feeling alone. Alone in the work that I do, specifically. All the little gremlins crept in and whispered all kinds of meanness in my ear: What you’re doing doesn’t matter. Who even cares? 

Oh, those gremlins. They are so sneaky, so subtle, and so effective in their work against me sometimes. 

So today, I’ve been thinking about loneliness as a universal experience. It’s pretty common for all of us, isn’t it?

The tough thing is, it’s hard to talk about. Hard to admit. Vulnerable to say out loud. I feel alone. 

This is a space where I hope you find it safe to be with what’s true. To be with it and also feel not alone in it. To be with your truth while being with other sacred, courageous pilgrims who are being with their truth, too.

You are not alone in this space. We are here, together. And the light of Jesus, shining with gentle and unending invitation, is here with us too. 

Do you ever struggle with feeling alone?