He Is Abundant Life

Water rocks.

As I’ve been talking with Jesus about the tree that we are together, water has remained close by. I’ve been aware of it as an essential component to this new life Jesus has been preparing to give to me as a tree planted by him. I knew that wherever he planted me, the water of the Holy Spirit would be a necessary presence to nourish my roots and interior system continually.

And sure enough, it’s true.

Yesterday, Jesus planted the tree of me on the jutting edge of a cliff that overlooks the ocean. The beach where Jesus and I have walked together this past year in prayer is not far from view, and the huge, wide, blue ocean stretches out before me. All of that water encircles my cliff foundation, providing sustenance up through the elements and minerals to the grassy plain surrounding my tree, pushing all the way up through the fullness of its trunk and limbs and leaves. 

The water is necessary. 

It carries an abundance of life. 

The Godhead is many things, and one thing it definitely is, is the source and sustainer of abundant life. 

I feel aware that even as Jesus and I are the tree together, he is also the sunlight that nourishes it. He is the water that sustains it. He is its nourishing soil. He is the one who chose its location and planted it where it should be. He is the one who will prune and care for its leaves and bark and branches. 

In my awareness as this tree, Jesus has been and will continue to be the giver and sustainer of my life. And oh, it is such an abundant life he gives — life everywhere, surrounding and filling this tree of me.

How can you find God a source and giver of life in your own life today?