This Week, and a Question

Found beauty.

Hi friends,

It’s a busy week for me — print week at the magazine where I serve as staff copyeditor, which means an all-out sprint and lots of loose ends to corral. I’ve decided to take a break from posting written content here this week, but will offer an image each day this week in its place. (Yay for pretty images!)

Also, I’d love to get your thoughts on something.

In prayer conversations with Jesus of late, he’s indicated a level of entrustment to me concerning the direction of the content offered here at Still Forming. I’m considering moving toward a more in-depth series approach to the content — rather than individual week-daily posts unrelated to each other, moving more toward the kind of explorations we did over a series of weeks with suffering and living a rhythmed life.

If this space moved in that direction, would you make any requests for specific topics to be covered? So far, I’ve been holding ideas for separate series covering the following:

  • Prayer
  • The true self vs. the false self
  • The spiritual disciplines

Would you add anything to this list?