Finding Places of Rest

Romance of moss.

I’ve been thinking about that tree image a lot — that tree that Jesus showed me I am for others. And that tree, in my mind’s eye, has a number of great big boughs and branches, each one carrying a great, big resting place on the end of its arm. 

There’s support there. Shade. Nesting space. A place to rest. 

And it’s made me wonder about you: 

Where are your places of rest? 

We can find rest in physical ways — through naps, daydreams, “nothing” times, reading, movies, gardening, cooking, lounging by the pool, and other relaxing activities we love. 

We can also find rest inside ourselves — an internal posture that creates a space for peace and goes with us everywhere. 

Do you have places of rest?

Have you found ways to access that interior peace?