Into This Dark Night: A Musical Companion

When the moon shines with the dawn.

Hello, friends.

Shortly, we will dive into the realities and particulars of the dark night of the soul. We’ll explore the different stages — because there are several — and the reasons they occur. We’ll talk about what it can look like for us to navigate this difficult journey — what’s helpful and what’s not. And we’ll give you a chance to ask questions about it. 

Before we dive into the deeper waters of this subject, I’d like to share with you a musical companion for the journey. 

My friend Lisa introduced me to Steve Bell yesterday — a singer/songwriter who published a collection of songs called Romantics and Mystics, which includes a song called “The Dark Night of the Soul” based on the poem St. John of the Cross wrote to describe the journey.

Maybe as we go along, it can serve as a gentle, welcoming presence.

At least, that’s what it’s already become for me.

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Into the darkest night

With a heartache kindled into love

I took a chance

When at last I went out unobserved

My house being wrapped in sleep

The hour made secure

And concealed the flight to my beloved

I took a chance

And left familiar treasures well behind

Too far for comforting

I went out by myself

Seen by no one else

A somewhat reckless journey from the start

Pressing through the night

Without light or guide

Save the fire that consumed my heart

I bless the starless night

A night by far more lovely than the dawn

Oh happy chance

To discover in the barren dark

The one I knew so well

And there with my love I rested

Fanned by a cooling wind

Wounded by love’s caresses

Suspending all my senses

Bless this happy night

That unites the lover and the loved

Oh happy chance

To abandon every wretched care

Among the lilies there