On the Eve of a New Year ...

The beautiful California mountains. (I so miss these living in Florida!)

A landscape of beauty.

This past Sunday, I shared with my Sunday Quiet subscribers a gentle invitation for looking back and looking forward as we stand on the cusp of this new year. I wonder if such a gentle invitation would be helpful for you too?

It’s not flashy or exhaustive. It’s not about goals or lists of things to do. It’s just … gentle. A way of noticing. Of acknowledging. Of paying attention to the ongoing movement of our lives — who we’ve been becoming and may continue to become. 

Would such a prompt be helpful for you? If so, here’s a gentle invitation to reflect on what has been, what is, and what may be to come:

Take some time to enter into your experience of 2013. 

  • Where did you experience life and vitality this year?
  • Where did you experience life seeming to dwindle away?
  • In a word, how would you sum up this 2013 year?

Take some time to enter into an apprehending of 2014. 

  • In what areas do you sense you’ll be growing in 2014, given your current growing edges?
  • What do you value about these growth areas? 
  • What is difficult about them for you?
  • In a word, what is your hope for 2014?

During the first few days of the new year, I’m taking a retreat and will be holding and reflecting on these questions, too. 

Much love to you on the cusp of this new year. Thank you for sharing this Still Forming space with me.