The Body Series: What Questions Do You Have?

Here is God.

Hi there, friends. 

We’re in our fifth week of this series that explores the body and its relation to who we are, and we’ve covered a lot of ground. I’ve personally witnessed changes in myself in my attitude toward my own body — more regard, more tenderness, more openness, more willingness to care. 

Have you noticed changes in yourself too?

I’ve been thinking through where to take this series from here. In some ways, I could sit with what we’ve covered for quite some time, just letting it continue to sink in and allowing the small changes I’ve begun to make become a regular part of my daily life for a while. 

In other ways, I see the possibility of diving deeper into some of the additional resources I mentioned at the beginning of the series, all of which I’d highly recommend to you:

And so I’d like to check in with you. 

Where are you on your body journey? Do you have any lingering thoughts or questions you’d like us to explore in this space? Would you be interested in learning together from some of the ideas about the body that others have written?

I’m open to extending this series further, based on your requests and interest, or beginning the process of bringing it to a close.

What is your preference? And do you have any specific requests?