Announcement: An Indefinite Sabbatical

Cannot stand the cuteness.

A little Diva cuteness for you. 

Hi, friends. 

I’ve made the decision to take an indefinite sabbatical from the week-daily posts here at Still Forming. 

In the meantime, you are invited to join me for the Cup of Sunday Quiet mailing, which I send out each Sunday morning as a way to connect heart-to-heart with you while providing an opportunity for you to connect with God in prayer. 

It’s one of the favorite things I do!

My time away from week-daily blogging will serve a threefold purpose: 

  1. Time for self-care. This season of beginning the work again has been intense, and I’m finding that I need space to just be with the process for now. 
  2. Space for creativity. Up ahead is a season of intense creativity as I give myself fully to the continued creation of the revamped Look at Jesus course. I’m excited about what it’s becoming, and it’s time to give it my utmost attention.
  3. Room for reflection. I began the week-daily posts here at Still Forming two years ago this month (!), in response to the findings of my graduate thesis research on the subject of spirituality and digital connectivity. But the internet is a different place now than it was two years ago. During this time away, I’ll be reflecting on how best to serve you in this space as we move forward into the future. 

Again, I hope you’ll join me for the weekly Cup of Sunday Quiet. It’s where I share the current journey of my life, my heart, and my work. It’s where I invite you to share with me your own life and journey. And it’s where I’ll keep you up to date on the status of all things Still Forming.

Please join us!

Much love,