My Life Today, in Honor of Dallas Willard

Dallas Willard. The Divine Conspiracy. The Beatitudes. Changed my life.

Dallas Willard’s Divine Conspiracy 

introduced me to Jesus.


I was talking with a new Twitter friend earlier this week about something Ronald Rolheiser says in his book The Holy Longing—how, when a person dies, their spirit continues to live on in you. You become their living eulogy through the things you do and the person you are that is that way because of them. 

Today, as I’m thinking about Dallas Willard and feeling sad about the news of his passing, this idea is stirring me up in a new way.

Dallas Willard is one of the first people who helped me see the Jesus I’ve come to know.

I read his Divine Conspiracy during my senior year of college, and the chapter on the Beatitudes especially impacted me. It helped frame my understanding when I finally, the following year, sat down and read the Gospels straight through from beginning to end

In a lot of ways, I have him to thank for my knowing Jesus the way I do now. He re-introduced me to Jesus while God was preparing the soil in me to re-find him.

And since so much of my life and work now flows directly to and from the source of Jesus, I suppose I am living out my homage to Dallas Willard each and every day. This thought is helping me frame the news of his passing in a way that gives me joy and gratitude.

Is there anyone whose life lives on in you in a similar way?