Why This Space?

I've been thinking about this new online space for just over a month now. But I've been thinking about the subject of nonviolence for over a year. I took a technology sabbatical this past summer to read and think and journal and write and pray about this subject. At the end of the summer, I acknowledged a few key truths from the experience:

  1. I could not return to life as it had always been. I had entered inside the subject of nonviolence, and it had entered me. I couldn't look at people, events, situations, or the world the same way again. I had come to embrace a nonviolent ethic of love as a way of life.
  2. I have so far to go. The ins and outs of the human heart are not only cavernous, they're infinite. I'm continually made aware of new (and old!) places in my heart where God's love has yet to take up full residence. This path continually humbles me. It will take a lifetime of learning to walk it faithfully.
  3. I have so much more to learn. I focused my studies this past year on a few key "mentors." I consider them my heroes, and I felt through their writings that I was ushered into a new and welcoming community. But even within their writings, I merely scratched the surface. There's still much more to learn and think about, and there are still many more writers to teach me the wisdom they have learned.

On the specific reason for beginning this new online space, I shared elsewhere recently:

[Nonviolence] is a subject that preoccupies my mind regularly. I encounter situations that make me wonder what the nonviolent response would be. Or I recognize places of unlove in my heart and wonder how God could implant a greater heart of charity in that place instead. Or I find myself wondering about others who are walking a similar path. What would it be like to connect with them over these ideas? How might we encourage one another and learn together?

I suppose that is my greatest hope for this online space.

I hope for this to be a place of continued exploration and sharing from my personal journey, but also the collective exploration of a community that is, together, inching its way toward a greater embodiment and demonstration of love in the world.

I'm looking forward to learning with you in this space that is dedicated toward that purpose.