Oh, the Places We'll Go

I've spent some time this weekend planning out the future of this online space. I know changes will crop up along the way and that there's no way to mapquest our way to the future, but it's been fun to brainstorm things I'd like to see and write about here.

Some ideas I've been developing so far include:

  • Open letters to the great peacemakers
  • Stories that get us reflecting on our journeys to this journey
  • Reflections on what this path requires or asks of us
  • Posts that ask the hard questions about nonviolence and peacemaking
  • Recurring features to share moments of love and places of repentance in our own lives
  • Exploration of the theological underpinnings of nonviolence
  • Review of cultural artifacts (books, movies, music) that move us toward nonviolence
  • Ongoing definition of the subject

I thought it would be helpful to open this brainstorm up to the community. When you think about the subject of nonviolence, what haunts you? What excites you? What troubles you? What have you always wondered? What would help you along in your own journey?

Ultimately, my question to you is:

If you could put forth your own topics or questions to showcase in this space, what would they be?