The JTN Vision: What Do We Believe Can Happen?

On that day in early January when I sat on a plane and dreamed aloud in my journal about the creation of this nonviolence tribe, I wrote:

What does it take to create a tribe around the journey toward nonviolence?

I think it begins with deciding to go. To do it.

The next step is declaring the vision.

What is this tribe about, and what do we believe can happen? What are we about, and what do we want to see happen in the world?

As you now well know, a careful brainstorm followed the asking of those questions. I set down a list of all the truths that a tribe devoted to the nonviolent path would consistently uphold.

And then I sat and thought about the vision.

What do we believe can happen?

What do we want to see happen?

I settled into the small crook of my airline seat and leaned my head against the window. I tapped my pen against my lip.



Daring to believe.

And then I tried to capture in words the images slowly forming inside my mind.

This is what I wrote:

I see pulsating hubs all over the geography of this planet.

Each hub represents a JTN tribemember who is impacting his or her community by consistently contributing an energy of love to each encounter of his or her life.

This injected love begins to infect other people so that lives and events within that hub become transformed into even greater forces for love.

Eventually, hubs grow in magnitude and strength.

Individuals within each hub assemble to effect even greater change concerning specific areas of need in their localized communities.

In this way, the world is taken in by the beauty of love and transformed into a loving family of peace.

It is somewhat grand, I know.

But aren't visions worth dreaming meant to be?


The central focus of this vision, for me, are the pulsating hubs.

These hubs represent you. They represent me.

Right now.


Day by day . . . one by one . . . we begin to infuse love into the pulsating hubs we represent on the geography of this planet. As we grow in love (which is the work we will accomplish here), we bring even greater love to each moment that we meet.

And slowly, we watch things change.

We change.

Others change.

Situations change.

All because of love.


And then one day, these hubs begin to grow.

We lock arms with other pulsating hubs of love around us -- others whose hearts have also been infused and transformed by love -- and we bring life, through these growing communities, to the forces of death surrounding us.

And change on a grander scale begins to happen.

All because of love.

Do you believe this can happen? Is there anything you'd like to add to this vision for our tribe?