Christmas Tree? None for Me

Or, I should say, none for us. That just didn't rhyme with "Christmas tree."

There's a bona fide Christmas tree forest about 45 minutes northeast of our house. You can actually chop down your own tree! How many of those places are left in this less-and-less green world? Not many.

The place had a petting zoo, too, with ponies and rabbits and lambs. You could take a hayride out into the forest, and they'd even pick you up on the way back so you didn't have to cart your tree by hand all the way to Santa's cash register.

We don't have any room for a tree in our little place, but there was definitely room for a wreath made of Christmas tree cuttings! A large pine wreath, all bright and sparkly with a brilliant red bow, now hangs next to our front door (which, consequently, is also right next to our bed). Smells great, and makes the Christmas season draw near!

I'll post pictures of the forest and cute little downtown Winter Park at Christmas soon.

For those of you especially interested in dialoguing about the state of green life on this earth, and perhaps striking upon some unusual but promising ways our world might remedy this crisis, check out my friend LL's blog, Green Inventions Central.