What's with the Name of This Blog?

My affection for the lily was recently inspired by a good friend, Rebecca, who started but then abandoned a blog about the "lilies of the field" reference in Matthew 6. It’s a reminder not to worry, for even the splendor of the lilies is provided for by the caring hand of our great and loving God! For me, a creature prone to distress, it’s helpful to remember that I’m a simple yet beautiful lily at home in His fields of joy.

But what do I mean by "lilies have dreams"? Well, our aspirations are powerful. And unique. And when made fully manifest, they change the world. My soon-to-be-husband Kirk and I firmly believe that the kingdom of God comes to earth through the seedlings of our deepest desires. God implanted those desires so Christ could fuse them with His supreme glory to grow His kingdom home.

He does this in me through a life of study, writing, ministry, and travel through this great grand world He created. How does He do it through you?