Good Music = Good for the Soul

Thanks to my good friend Hannah, I'm discovering all sorts of delicious music these days.

Copeland. Waking Ashland. Mae. To name just a few.

Hannah has -- get this -- 325 albums loaded on her computer, which translates into just shy of 4,000 tracks. Whew! Maybe this sounds like small beans to some of you, but it blows my virginal mind completely; I had a mere 2 to 3 albums loaded on my computer when we began meeting for work-dates at Diedrich's coffee shop last December. We needed good music -- and a strong variety of it! -- to get us through those last harried weeks of our respective semesters.

Well, it's that time of the semester again, and I've discovered the needs haven't changed. I sound my newly amplified playlists over and again, and thank God repeatedly for the discovery of new music. There's so much variety out there! I'm amazed musicians for ages past have worked with the same harmonious, melodious, and/or discordant combinations of notes to produce altogether new creations for as long as they have. It's a miracle that will keep repeating itself till the end of time, and even longer. What an amazingly creative thing for God to have invented and shared with the rest of us!

Question of the day: What makes music good?