King and Queen for a Day . . . or Three

After a whirlwind of travel and our beautiful wedding ceremony, Kirk brought me to Ashford Castle for a few days of rest and rejuvenation. I could hardly believe we were staying in a castle! Take a look at these gorgeous environs:

This formerly private residence has been converted into one of the leading small hotels in the world, where the likes of Ronald Regan, Mel Gibson, Brad Pitt, Russell Crowe, Robin Williams, Pearce Brosnan, and Jane Seymour, to name a few, have stayed. And when it was a private residence, it used to house the Guinness family -- you know, the people who make that thick draft beer that tastes like molasses. (Blech.)

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While we were in Ashford, Kirk and I enjoyed some walks along the nature trails on the property, some of which wend their way through forests or encircle the private lake. We also enjoyed a thunderstorm, a few sumptuous meals in their restaurants, and our spacious private chamber that made us feel like a real king and queen!