Some Final Thoughts

It’s strange to be home after such an experience. Especially now, after settling into somewhat of a routine at home in Florida, we’re struck with amazement at all we were seeing and sharing on the other side of the world just a few short weeks ago.

But threads of that special time will remain with us, I’m sure, for a long time to come. I know that’s true from what’s happened in the aftermath of previous trips we’ve shared already. We’ll encounter a place that has a feel of “one of those places in Paris.” Or we’ll move more smoothly through a difficult situation by remembering what we learned from “that difficult situation with the guy at the gas station in Ireland.” Or, if nothing else, we’ll remember to bring the allergy medication along next time “because of what happened in that field on our first day in Ireland.”

Plus, because we’re in the habit of naming things, we’ve already named the little place we call home. Welcome to Ashford Cottage!

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